About Me

Lorae V. Bonamy is a lover, a dreamer, a communicator and a writer who endeavors to use her agency to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of others. Lorae received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Strategic Communication from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and her Master of Science degree in Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

She currently works as a Student Affairs educator within the University System of Maryland; her primary functional area is fraternity and sorority life. She comes to this work understanding both the tumultuous experience college can be, and the doors that are opened when students are provided with adequate support and guidance.

An empath, a philanthropist and a vehement believer in servitude, Lorae desires to work long term as an advocate for the common good. In 2014, Lorae launched her first campaign, “21 Days of Love”, in an effort to raise awareness about the public interest issue of homelessness in Philadelphia. Since then, 21 Days of Love has gone on to impact hundreds of people in southeastern Pennsylvania. Her dedication to service also led to her being elected as Homecoming Queen and becoming a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, both during her final year of undergraduate studies.

Lorae has had many interactions that have shaped her current worldview, and is open to and excited for many more. Two of Lorae's favorite early life experiences include traveling to Nicaragua as an ambassador for Health and Education, and representing Delaware County at annual conferences held by the Anti-Defamation League. Nicaragua, she says, humbled her and reminded her of how fortunate she is; planting in her the desire to give to others.  Participating in the conferences encouraged her to use her voice and her position to be a pillar of support for those who need it. Those experiences, along with many others, have given Lorae a foundation on which to build. Stay tuned for what is to come.

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