Go Home

Upon going to college, you realize that you have a home and you have a home home (because saying a word twice will suffice when finding a proper adjective is too taxing). Home home is your permanent address, your parents’ home, your go-to place for breaks, it is not the place where you sleep on or near campus (if you’re like me). Home is free food, free laundry, free air, a comfortable bed. Moreover, as I traveled (home home) more frequently, the significance of that place was magnified.

Either I would stay the night at home unexpectedly, or go home and forget important things, but I never had to go beyond my mother to get exactly what I needed. Be it a toothbrush, deodorant,  a headscarf or clothes, in my mother’s house there was everything I needed. This principle also holds true with God, and I believe that is the reason these interactions became so meaningful to me. There is no lack when I am at home, all of my needs are met.

That principle is somewhat easy to grasp, but this next one meant alot more to me. Last week we moved,  so our home was no longer where it used to be, nor did it look the same. However, today I went home and again I didn’t have what I needed. Well, I intended on going home to go to an appointment and then going to work from there. But when I got home I wanted to take a shower and change my clothes. I didn’t take anything home with me but my purse, and I’ve been living with a friend so my toiletries are all there. However, I STILL lacked nothing. I took a shower, put on new clothes and shoes, and everything else that we do when getting dressed.

This time, I realized “it doesn’t matter where Home is or goes, so long as you are there”. And it translated into a few things.

1. It doesn’t matter where you go, if God brought you here, He will provide. 
2. It doesn’t matter how different this place is than before, if it is where God is, there will be no lack.

Not that it is the most mind-blowing concept out there, but it means something to me and I feel compelled to share. Go home, everything you need is there. Don’t stay where you are and be in need when you can go where you belong and be fulfilled.

Grace and Peace,

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