Own Where You're Going.

Sometimes my friends or loved ones will tell me about myself, as far as the negative aspects of me, and if they are true, my most used response is "i'll own that". It makes sense; if you're telling me something about me that I feel is true (even if it isn't the most favorable trait) I will own it. But I find it harder to own the positive things about me, like when people give me compliments, and lately I have been taking notice of it more. Own who you are:

Both good and bad; realize and understand who you truly are. From what type of work ethic you have to how adventurous you are. Even to the seemingly simple things (like height) ; know and be aware of what makes you  you.  Don't just slump and drag your way through life with no awareness or knowledge  of who you actually are. In my opinion; the core of you matters more than the shell that is your body; where does your mind go when you have time to think? What positive or negative thoughts or energy do you produce or emit? Are you generally happy? Are you motivated? Are you driven? Basically; what type of person are you? I just feel so much healthier being in tune with my mind body and spirit; having a working (if not exhaustive) knowledge of what makes me me. This also allows me to implement any changes that may be necessary to a healthier life.

Own your actions:

Somewhat piggy backing off of who you are, owning what you do (or don't). Are you intentional in relationships? Do you hurt people a lot? Do you put your all into everything you do? Do you manipulate people? Do you use people? Are you a bully? Do you nag too much? Are you too particular? How do you treat people? Be abreast of the actions that have become patterns in your life; they will be your legacy. Don't dismiss people's responses to you; they see and interact with you. Learn to take responsibility to the things you have done; this is the only way to truly move forward.  Acceptance and admittance is a necessary step toward effective change. Obviously the positive side of that is if you are doing good/positive things. Are you good at computer programming? Are you a good writer? Is you poetry groundbreaking? Do you have noteworthy personal grooming routines? Are you a talented musician? Reflect and accept what you do and how you do it. We are able to grow on our desired paths after knowing what that path is.

Own where you're going

This was actually the reason for this post. Where are you going? To law school? To a new job? To a new season in your life? To a new home? Then go. Go and go wholly. Allow every piece of you to look like you're headed to wherever you are going.  If you are happy about where you are going; then be happy; and likewise if you are unhappy. Own it like you paid for it; don't tuck your emotions away and squander the experience. It is okay to feel;  it is okay to be truthful and vulnerable with yourself even if you can't do it with anyone else.  Don't glaze over things and lose the feelings you have because others don't share your sentiments. Lately I have been so excited for life, and I find myself saying it everyday. It just comes out, I just blurt out "i'm so excited",because I am. I am usually talking to someone, but even when I am alone I acknowledge where I am going and how I feel about it; which lately has been excitement.I am sure there will be a point where I dread where I am going, and I will try my darndest to connect to that feeling and have the experience so I can grow from it and be better the next time around.

Live your life. Take the good with the bad. Life is a journey and sometimes we will take wrong turns and run into bumpy roads and even have barriers preventing us from moving;  we will have to make decisions at forks in the road; the weather will change; we will get flat tires and be burnt out; we will go too fast and be reset and reminded by a speeding ticket; but in all of this remember that you are driving the car and the car is not driving you. You live life; life does not live you. Own who you are, what you do, and where you are going and you will be living. Even when things do happen to you; you still determine your response.

When we begin to live intentionally and experience the sweet and the bitter parts of life; we become more in touch with our humanity. Not everything is roses and cotton candy; but there is meaning to everything. You are the sum total of your experiences and therefore I implore you to be completely aware of the addends. 


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