He Said You're Worthy

In recent days I found myself waiting for “more” positive things to happen to me so I, like the rest of my classmates could share my post-graduate plans with the social media world. Obviously I need to take a break from social media because that is unhealthy. Moreover, I decided to write about it to tell other people like me that where you are and what you have is enough, if you believe it is.

In the Fall I will be attending graduate school. That is all. I don’t have a full-time job. I won’t be living on my own. I won’t be moving cross country or getting married or having a baby and I may not even have a driver’s license (pray for me saints). I am going to graduate school, and I am understanding how significant that is and what it means for me.

For some people, graduate school is a time of tunnel vision toward their career of choice, because a graduate degree is required for whatever it is that they have chosen to do. For me, it is time of changing my life. I am not going to graduate school just for the knowledge, but for the invaluable experience that comes with the process of a graduate program in Counseling. Whatever your reason for choosing where you will be in the next phase of your life, own it. I am SO happy for the amazing opportunities that my friends have, from jobs, to marriage and babies, but that does not take away the importance of my next.

What others are doing does not take away the importance or significance of your next. I remember when I was young and my godsister would get a new toy or what have you, and I would ask my mom to buy it for me. When my mom did, my godsister would get upset, and my mom always taught me to tell her “when they made yours, they made a million more”. This thought came into my mind today, because when God opened doors for me, He opened a million more. Those doors may not all lead to the same place, but they are doors nonetheless.

Once we place our values in things outside of us, we set ourselves up for disappointment. God counted you worthy before you breathed your first breath on this earth, and no degree, job, socioeconomic class, romantic partner or career will validate the innermost parts of you.

 You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

You are enough just as you are.

 Believe it.  




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