stream of [consciousness]

Maybe ignorance really is bliss.

Maybe dealing with repetitive misfortune due to the same action is easier than introspection as an effort to unmask the causes and motives behind said action.

Maybe uprooting deep-seated emotions and issues is far more daunting than the occasional argument, miscommunication or cold shoulder.


Maybe it was easier to cling to his human nature and live in survival mode to protect himself from danger, than to allow himself to be completely vulnerable and trusting toward people he loved.

Maybe situations and circumstances where they experienced pain and hurt tainted them to the point that they became blind to the fallacies they created and began to live out as reality.

Maybe she never knew that she could go beyond correlation and actually find causation between who she was as a person (mentally, psychologically, emotionally) and the themes she found in her life.


Maybe he will be courageous or desperate enough to locate and dissect the deepest and most painful truths within him. Maybe he won’t.

Maybe they will be understood and supported, and be able to see a clear connection between love, patience, resilience and understanding. Or maybe they will learn about conditions, limitations, capacity and rebuilding.

Maybe she will know what survival truly means. Maybe her identity, hope and trust in people will be restored.

Or maybe not.

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