Deeper Still (He Calls You)

Take a minute to think about what God has promised you.

Done? Good.

It will happen, period.

There is no question, there is no doubt, it will happen.

Whether you will get what God has promised you is not the question. The question is how will you get what God has promised you?

Will you live a life of faithfulness and obedience to God, submitting yourself to His ways? Or, will you cut corners and devise your own plan, effectively allowing your flesh to cause you to compromise?

You are Queen, and you serve the God of everything. Fear not, for He is with you and He will get you all that He promised you. You needn’t worry that time is ticking away or that tomorrow won’t be as good as today, because He has you and the entirety of your world in the palm of His hand.

When we want something, we have a human tendency to manipulate people and sacrifice our convictions for temporary satisfaction. Little do we realize, we are the ones being manipulated.

The enemy is audacious enough to dangle knockoffs of God’s promises in our faces, and crafty enough to get us to take them. When we settle for the alternatives, our lack of trust in God’s timing is taking us off of the course.

Do not diminish the process and the waiting to a time of emptiness or being at a crossroads, but a place where you are able to live with integrity and trust that your God will surely reward you for your righteousness.

You are beautiful; you are loved by God, and He has promised you something that only He can give you.

Your compromise may lead to a short term reward, but will ultimately lead to loss, whereas your faithfulness will lead to an eternity of joy.

It may hurt, it may sting and it may very well be the hardest and most confusing thing you have ever experienced in your life, but you were made for it. Don’t lose your testimony.

The Scriptures say that we possess the precious treasure of the man Jesus Christ in our frail human bodies so it is clear that the exceeding greatness of the power is from God. (2 Cor 7-11)

You are not suffering just for you. I know it may feel like you go through trial after tribulation and "the beat just don't stop", but there is purpose here. You have chosen to follow Jesus and that means to live as Him and to die as Him. You've been tested and tempted and broken and shamed and this was ALL to reveal the life of Jesus.

From your mother’s womb, He has chosen you, and God is still working. Whether you are on the mountain or in the valley, let Christ be exalted in your body. When you are mocked, when you are taunted, when you are tempted, when you are betrayed, when you are cheated, when you are forgotten, when you are left alone, remember that you are living as Christ and you are a vessel filled and to be poured out of. Remember, to live as Christ and to die is gain.

You are made for this. You are graced, for this. 




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