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I thought that title was clever, although I literally meant my thoughts while traveling throughout the day, but then realized that my thoughts literally are traveling. Thanks for reading, here's the first of many. Btw this is super raw and unedited. You can still get the gist . dad lives on Long Island Bahamas and the news is currently reporting that Long Island is being battered by Hurricane Joaquin. The last time I heard from my dad, two days ago, he said there were fierce winds and flooding. That's it. Is he okay? I am praying and believing that he is. 

Rewind to when I woke up this morning, I kept singing Come Thou Fount, that hymn was stuck in my head and I have no idea why. Fast forward to me at work tearfully researching hurricanes/Hurricane Joaquin: I was putting on music and I decided that I would listen to Come Thou Fount on YouTube. The first ad that came up was a commercial called "My Dad" by a company that I don't remember. Instantly I felt wrapped in God's arms. I felt like He was telling me that He is here, and He still sees me. 

After work went to my first class and while there I got an email confirming my acceptance as a VIP for the Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers. So basically, I'm 1/16 student leaders chosen to attend the conference for free...meals, accommodations and food are all paid for. #winning

Rewind to this morning when I stepped over the threshold of my building into the great outdoors. I was putting up my umbrella and on the way up, the "stem" snapped in half but was still holding on by a few pieces of material. So i held onto it with the handle and bottom portion of the stem dangling off. Fast forward through work and three classes. After class I decide to go to the Temple University Bookstore where I bought this 27 dollar umbrella (ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.  I KNOW). I go in and tell the cashier what happened, the same thing I told you. 

She sad they should be able to allow me to exchange it. She gets another associate  and we talk about it and she asks basic questions of what happened and when I bought it. She said they can't do much because I didn't just buy it. She goes to talk to her supervisor and I walk over a little while after when the supervisor is asking questions the associate can't answer. 

I tell the supervisor the same story of what happened and she becomes rude aaccusatory. She says that she's never seen anything like this in her three years and that there has to be something to blame for this. She tells me that it had to be the wind, and I told her that I had yet to make it outside when this happened and she told me she wouldn't honor it. She says a few more things about how I should have gotten a warranty and I should have a receipt and all of this other stuff. The point is that it seemed as if she thought I was lying and trying to get over: that is not something I am into. So, with tears in my eyes , I asked the associate if I could talk to her privately. 

She follows me over to a corner and I tell her how I feel, crying all the while. She tells me to hold on and goes to to the back. A woman comes out and asked if I was okay and told me she heard someone was crying. I told her the story of everything up until now and we talked while a different, higher manager made her way out. I then told the story of the umbrella and the interaction with the other manager once more. 

I told them all (associate, lady & higher manager) that I was no longer concerned about the umbrella but how I was treated and I wanted to know how to file a complaint. The higher manager apologized and said speaking to her was complaint enough. 

We start talking about the umbrella and I explain that I am not trying to get over, I am supposed to be on a bus to NY, I've carried it like this all day and that if I knew I broke it, I wouldn't even be here.

The woman says, "I'll buy you a new umbrella. Go get her one and I'll pay for it. We will get another to ring up later. "

I was in awe. I started to cry more because I was amazed and so grateful.

Then the higher manager explains that I wouldn't even be able to get the warrant umbrella like the other manager suggested because it is special printed for Temple. She then said that they would take care of the exchange so the lady didn't have to pay for me.

I was in awe. I thanked them and reiterated that even if I got a new umbrella, I wanted them to talk to the other manager because the real issue was how she treated me. They assured me that they would.

They brought me my new umbrella and we hugged. I asked if the alarm would sound if I walked out with it. The lady said "want me to demonstrate?" and walked me and the umbrella out of the door. I asked if she was a Christian and she said yes. I said "I can tell, that's what God's people do." She smiled and we exchanged names and that was it.

That really is what God's people do. Her heart and intentions reminded me what love is. 

THEN. I started to get an Uber and it said it would be 4.6 times the normal price. I clicked okay and then realized I lost my mind because 4.6 times 9 dollars is almost what I make in a week's work. Aka too much for me!

So I got my life and went to the ATM and then walked to the subway. I got my tokens and went underground to see masses of people waiting for the train. To me this said one was coming and I didn't just miss one. Great. I get on and off the train and am waiting for my next one, there are still masses of people. The guy over the loudspeaker says, "watch the doors, there is another train coming behind", because all of us couldn't fit. I started saying "favor. favor. favor" lol, because I needed the favor of God at that moment. I don't ever do that but earlier this week someone told me, "Favor will take you places that no one else and nothing else can." And guess who was the last person to board that car of the train? ME. 

I got to my destination with 20 minutes to spare and the point of this whole post is to remind you that God is still concerned about all parts of your life. 

HE. CARES. and He loves you. See Him in everything because He is there. <3








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