Ode to Lorraine

To anyone who has the privilege of knowing Lorraine B. Bonamy in any way, I’d like you to take the time to realize how blessed you are. To me, God made her a mother, and to many of you, He made her a friend. To some of you, He made her a sister, and that is truly a blessing. Still, to others, she is a coworker, or a supervisor or a mentor, and to others she is a second mother or the person who took you in when you had no other options. To all, she is love.

Many people think I am a really great person who has such a big heart but I have absolutely nothing on my mother. Everything I know about love, God taught me through her. She has been the epitome of a friend, and the poster child for unconditional. I’ve only had the privilege of knowing her for 21 years, but I do not take them for granted. I have watched friends and family members have faltering relationships with the women who gave them life, and I have never been able to figure out what I did to deserve such a gift, but I’m thankful.

For the last two weeks, I have been reading the parable of the prodigal son and finding parallels in my life. With God, I find that I am often the older son, passing judgment on others where I have absolutely no room to talk. With my mom though, I find that I am often the younger son, in that her love for me is not contingent upon my actions or even my love for her. Although I have never told her that she is as good as dead and to give me my inheritance, I have still disappointed her, but I have never had to question her love.

Everyone cannot say that their relationship with their earthly parents is like their relationship with The Father, but life has shown me how true that is with her. God gives great gifts; He said it in His word and I know it to be true because He gave me her.

She is all of 5 foot 2, but she is a powerhouse.

A woman after God’s own heart.

A woman who knows what love is.

A force to be reckoned with.

Virtuous by any measure, and I get to call her Mom.

I love you Rainey. Thank You.

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