Dear Sister/Do You Know?

Dear sister, do you know that you are loved? I see you fighting life day in and day out, comparing yourself and always falling short. Do you know that you are loved?

I see you holding onto every achievement and accomplishment and feeling like nothing you will ever do can compare to what others have already done and feeling incompetent.  But do you know, that you are loved?

You are loved with a love that will never run out, and that love springs forth from the well that will never run dry.

The love is not conditional or contingent on any human capability, but it is a free superhuman gift that only He can give. It supersedes your wildest imaginations and dreams and you would never be able to achieve it. You can think your best thoughts and work your hardest but you will always come up short.

You in your human nature alone would have never been worthy of this love, but He loved you so much that He made it accessible to even you. Even me.

He sent His Son. The Son whom He loves and cherishes, He sent Him down from glory to take on every sin that you would ever commit, and atone for it. Do you believe that?

It’s as if you did something horrible to someone and they wanted you to pay for it; they decided to run you over with their car and kill you. Imagine that your very best friend on Earth ran and pushed you out of the way and died for what you did to that person. That’s love, and that is precisely what Jesus did for you. Except that the death that He saved you from is far worse.

God’s grace to mankind was personified in Jesus and now you and I are able to stand faultless before Him as children and as sisters to each other.  He loves you, and I love you, but do you know that you are loved? Do you know?

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